Brad Piehl
Tuesday, March 31, 2020

At Flourish Chiropractic, community is at the center of what we do. We know that providing chiropractic care to families and individuals brings healing into people’s bodies. Equally as important, laughing, smiling and feeling loved puts LIFE into people’s souls. 

Participating in community events helps us connect with people that we may never meet. Farmer’s markets, kids events, home expos and pet expos get us involved in different walks of life.Those connections are very meaningful for us and it allows us to meet people in a fun and safe environment. 

Connecting directly with local businesses and nonprofits is vital to us at Flourish Chiropractic. There is so much more that we can accomplish when we work together. As healthcare providers, we love working with businesses on solving ways to provide better work performance and less sick days so that employers and employees can both benefit from a better working experience. 

For local businesses, we bring in food and conversation so that we can have conversations and directly answer questions of how to better handle workplace stress, better posture and bring more positivity around the work that we do. 

We love Columbus and the opportunities it provides for connection. We also know that now, more than ever, people feel isolated. So many of us are busy - with work, kids, family, distraction - living in a state of hurry. We value the relationships we’ve built and fostered here at Flourish and love that so many people feel seen, valued, and like the belong when they walk through our doors.